Git Spells

Move master branch pointer to previous commit

For example, if you accidentally commit to master instead of making a branch

git reset --hard master~1

Remove unnecessary whitespace

git stripspace

See unique authors (by commit amount)

git shortlog -sn

# Optionally specifying start and end date
git shortlog -sn --since='10 weeks' --until='2 weeks'

Create an archive of the code (ignoring gitignored files!)

git archive --format zip --output <filepath> master

You can replace master in the command above with and tag, branch, or sha

Bailing out of an in-progress merge

git merge --abort

Ignore whitespace in diff

git diff -w
git show -w

Show changed words instead of lines

git diff --word-diff

Apply a patch

Most often, the "patch" will be a diff file created with git diff.

git apply <PATH_TO_PATCH_FILE>


Ignore Whitespace in Github Diff

Add ?w=1 to the URL to see the diff with whitespace ignored

Plaintext Patch and Diff view

Adjust Tab Space in view

Add ?ts=4 to the URL to change the width of tab characters to 4 spaces

Gist embedded view mode

Add .pibb to the end of a Gist url in order to get an HTML only version of the gist suitable for display

Line highlighting

Adding #L52 to the end of a code file url will highlight that line. Clicking the line works as well. This also works with ranges, like #L53-L60. Holding shift and clicking the two lines works as well.

Closing issues via Commit Messages

If a particular commit fixes an issue, any of the keywords fix/fixes/fixed, close/closes/closed or resolve/resolves/resolved, followed by the issue number, will close the issue once it is committed to the master branch.

Public SSH Keys

You can get a list of public ssh keys in plain text format by visiting:{user}.keys